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Handmade Masks

Our life has suddenly changed by Covid-19.

We need to wear a Mask  to travel on public transport.  As I am Japanese, I got used to wear masks and the skill to make them.

So I thought I could offer handmade masks in Japanese style.

All the fabrics I use are very good quality.

The fabrics for my Liberty collection are genuine London Liberty Tana Lawn. The mask has three layers to give extra protection and is still soft and smooth.

The fabrics for animal pictures are 100% organic cotton.

As we all need to help and support each other to overcome from Covid-19, we will offer these masks without any profit, just charging for the materials.

All the masks have plastic wire to fit nicely around nose, and elastic bands are specially made for masks. Both plastic wire and elastic band are imported from Japan. These are normally used inJapan to make masks. Ordinary elastic band will give you pain on the back of your ears if you wear the mask for several hours. The band from Japan is made  to be very soft and gentle for the skin so it will minimize discomfort. 

We normally offer our products for members only, however, while hand-made masks are available we would like to offer these to all.

We hope everyone will overcome this hard time and can meet up with happy smiles soon.

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