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About Mimi et Mia

Mimi is my sweetest toy poodle girl and Mia is my lovely cat.

I used to believe that it's not a good idea for doggies to wear  clothes until I got Mimi.

When she went for a walk for the first time, she was suffering from the cold.  When she got her first clothes, she was so happy and enjoyed her walks.

Since then she always prefers to wear her own clothes. 

I purchased several clothes for her but none of them were the right fit for her, so I started to make clothes for her.

When I talked with other doggy owners, I noticed that many of them were also looking for clothes which fit nicely to their doggies. I started to make clothes for them and this made me decide to open my order made doggies clothes shop.

Most doggies are happy without clothes, so I only make clothes for certain types of doggies who do need clothes.

As I make them on my own, I would not be able to take many orders. I also would love to give my full attention to my customer's doggies.

So Mimi et Mia is a members only shop.

If you find your doggies do need clothes and would like to try my products, please register for membership first.  

Thank you

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